This page contains links to further information about events (conferences, seminars etc) addressing aspects of nanotechnology and the surrounding and related science.

Please e-mail us with details of any other significant events that could be featured here.

Nano Toxicity 2007: Managing the risk governance
26th – 28th June, Sofitel Bercy, Paris, France.

Nano Toxicity 2007 has been launched to address the problems that a lack of quantitative data brings to the process of risk governance in Nanotechnology. The conference aims to bring together researchers, industrials and government representatives, to address the questions surrounding Nanotechnology Risk.

Questions to be addressed include ‘establishment of the current nanotechnology related risks’, ‘how to measure toxicology and are there standard methodologies?’, ‘What are the potential effects of nanoparticles in drug delivery?’, ‘What about potential risk of carbon nanotubes?’, ‘What is the environmental impact?’, and ‘What about societal impact?’

Prof Ken Donaldson, a founding member of SnIRC, is on the organising committee and will deliver the keynote presentation on the 26th June.

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Nanoparticles for European Industry II
Nanoparticles for European Industry II

24th and 25th Oct 2007, Olympia Conference Centre, London

The Second Nanoparticles for European Industry Conference will address issues surrounding manufacture of nanoparticles. This year’s themes for discussion include Measurement, Characterisation and Standardisation; Manufacturing Scale-up and Processing; Regulation, Risks and Toxicology.

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International Convention Centre, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan
August 29th  – September 1st 2007

The 3rd International Symposium on Nanotechnology, Occupational and Environmental Health will be the premier international symposium of 2007 addressing the potential occupational and environmental impacts of nanotechnology.

SnIRC is pleased to support this important conference. Prof Vicki Stone (Napier) and Dr Rob Aitken (IOM) are members of the program committee

Nanotechnology – Products and Processes for Environmental Benefit

16th and 17th May 2007, Royal Society, London

This Conference brings together international experts to discuss and address hazardous chemical substitution, resource minimisation, reversing pollution, carbon emission reduction and the use of nanotechnologies for environmental benefit.

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2nd Nanotoxicology Conference: Progress and Future Perspectives.

19th-21st April 2007, San Servolo, Venice, Italy

Following the success of the 1st Nanotoxicology Conference in Cambridge, MA the 2nd Nanotoxicology Conference aims to bring together Scientists from across the Nanotechnology field to present and discuss the latest findings and ideas and their impact on society. Topics of particular interest include: Particle characterisation, Toxicology and ecotoxicology, Exposure and Risk Assessment, Strategic international research efforts and Regulatory issues.The event will be of particular interest to toxicologists, eco-toxicologists, metrologists, risk and exposure assessors, nanotechnology scientists, members of industry and governmental regulatory agencies, and societal stakeholders. Dr Lang Tran (IOM) is Conference Chair.

Fellow SnIRC members Prof Vicki Stone (Napier University) and Prof Ken Donaldson (Edinburgh University) are members of the Organising Committee.

RCEP (Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution) - Royal Crest logo: link to home page royal commission on environmental pollution title logo

Invited Talk: ‘Nanoparticles in the Air’

11th January 2007, London.

Professor Anthony Seaton, Emeritus Professor at Aberdeen University , and member of SnIRC will be speaking about ‘Nanoparticles in the Air’ at a seminar being held by the RCEP.

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International Conference on Nanotechnology

International Conference on Nanotechnology Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety: Research to Practice

4 - 6 December 2006 , Cincinnati , Ohio USA .

This Conference highlights the issues surrounding commercialisation of Nanotechnology. Topics included are the protection and promotion of worker health, consumer health and the environment; and the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases through the use of nanotechnology.

Dr Lang Tran , a founding member of SnIRC has been invited to speak on the 6 th December about Nanotoxicology Health and Safety.

Mini-Symposium on Nanotoxicology: Potential Risks and Safety Assessment.

26 November 2006 , Stockholm , Sweden

The Symposium, organised by the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) and the Swedish Society of Toxicology (SFT) will address Nanoparticle Toxicology, including Risks posed and strategies for Management.

Dr Lang Tran of IOM is presenting an invited talk on ‘Risk assessment of nanoparticles; European perspective‘


Nano and Microtechnologies in the Food and Healthfood Industries
NH Grand Hotel Krasnopolsky, Amsterdam, 25th-26th October 2006

This conference will showcase the applications of micro and nanotechnologies to the food industry in Europe. Themes will include use in food processing and labeling, food for nutrition and food for health, and safety testing and prevention of food borne disease.

Dr Qasim Chaudhry, CSL will speak on safety and regulatory issues related to the use of new technology in foods.

Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Research Design in Nanotoxicology
Presented by Taylor and Francis and the Journal of Nanotoxicology

April 24-25, 2006 - Hotel Marlowe - Cambridge, MAIn recognition of the plethora of conferences on nanotoxicology claiming to present new research, this conference takes a different approach by focusing on the difficulties encountered in the research process itself. Since nanoparticles behave differently from other materials, researchers are driven to seek new models to unravel the intricacies involved in setting up experiments.

The program Chair is Dr Lang Tran, IOM

Nanotoxicology 2006 – Biomedical aspects

January 30th –February 3rd 2006, Miami.

This conference organised by NIOSH and the University of Pittsburgh will address the underlying mechanisms of the toxicology of nanomaterials. Invited speakers include Ken Donaldson, Vicki Stone and Lang Tran.

Nanaotechnology and Occupational Health Conference 2005

Nanotechnology and Occupational Health
The second international symposium on Nanotechnology and Occupational Health will be held in Minneapolis on October 3-6, 2005. IOM is pleased to be associated as a co-sponsor of this important conference which will be the premier global meeting of 2005 addressing the potential implications and applications of nanotechnologies in the workplace

Nanotechnology and the Health of the EU Citizen in 2020

The Nanotechnology and the Health of the EU Citizen in 2020 conference in Edinburgh, on 6-9th September 2005, brings together international speakers and delegates to discuss how nanotechnology can address the healthcare issues of the future.  It will highlight progress on major EU projects on nanotechnology, medicine, and the life sciences. It will also provide a forum for debating ethical issues, such as nanoparticle risk assessment, reducing the need for animal-based testing, and how nanotechnology can help address diseases of the developing world.
IOM is pleased to be identified an official supporter of this conference

Environmental nanoparticles - Exploring the links between vehicle emissions and ambient air
Wednesday 8th June 2005, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham
This one day meeting, organised by the National Physical Laboratory and the Royal Society of Chemistry, aims to bring together those working with both vehicle and ambient air nanoparticles to discuss measurement advances. Regulators, scientists, and instrument manufacturers in these fields should all attend.

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